Heroscape (sometimes HeroScape) is an expandable turn-based miniature wargaming system.

Game data

Miniatures wargame

The game designers were Craig Van Ness and Rob Daviau. This is the same company and designers who released HeroQuest and Battle Masters. The game is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and older, though it can easily be adapted to more players, particularly if more than one master set is used.

The game is played using pre-painted miniature figure warriors on a board made from interlocking hex based tiles that allow for construction of a large variety of 3D playing boards.

There are two sets of rules. The basic rules allow for simpler games accessible to younger players. The advanced rules are designed for more experienced gamers but are still very simple compared to most wargames. Each figure or group of figures has a card, called an army card, with basic game statistics printed on one side and advanced game information on the other.

There are four types of army cards in the game; Unique Hero, Common Hero, Unique Squad and Common Squad. Hero cards are associated with a single figure and Squad cards are associated with a set of figures. In the Advanced Game, some Heroes require multiple wounds to eliminate them. Squad units are weaker than heroes and often have just one life point and thus die after sustaining a single wound. A player can have as many identical common cards as they like but only one of each unique card.

Master Set

The Master Set, also known as Rise of the Valkyrie is required to play the game. This set contains 30 pre-painted miniature figure warriors (all unique but a mixture of hero and squad), cards with the stats of the different warrior figures, a large amount of interlocking hex-based tile terrain, and the rule booklets, which include battlefield plans and scenarios for both basic and advanced games.

There are three versions of the Rise of the Valkyrie set available. The first edition is sought by some collectors mainly because it has sparkly translucent blue water tiles rather than solid blue ones in the second edition. The second edition is more common and has slightly different packaging, dice and revised rulebook but is otherwise identical to the first. An exclusive Walmart edition is identical to second edition but has three additional figures.

Multiple set purchases are common among keen players as the Master Set is the only way to obtain larger amounts of terrain tiles, which are generally used to build bigger battlefields.

Expansion sets

Expansion sets have been released regularly since the game debuted.

The most common format of the expansion series is to release four different blister packs, each containing 3 - 7 figures. One pack in each series contains unique heroes, while the other three contain one or two common army squads. Most boosters contain extra terrain hexes. These blister pack expansions are sometimes referred to as the wave expansions, as opposed to the expansions which come in larger boxes.

Due to the way these expansions extend the game experience, some have referred to Heroscape as a collectible miniatures game (CMG) and compared it to games like Mage Knight and Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game. However, the designers of Heroscape have stressed repeatedly that the game is not collectible per se, because purchasers can see exactly what they are getting with every pack they buy. Also, Heroscape expansions are not intended to go permanently out of print. This differs from the marketing tactic of CMG's, which rely on "blind purchase" (not knowing what you have until you've already purchased and opened the package) and limited availability to drive their sales.

A list of the expansions, roughly in order of release:

Malliddon's Prophecy (January 2005): Wave 1: each came with a new glyph as well as the normal contents of wave releases

Ugtar's Rage (May 2005): Wave 2

Jandar's Oath (September 2005): Wave 3

Zanafor's Discovery (2006): Wave 4

  • Heroes of Trollsford: 5 hero figures (Sudema, Valguard, Morsbane, Parmenio, Major X17), terrain, 5 army cards.
  • Greeks & Vipers: 7 figures (4 Greeks, 3 Armoc Vipers), terrain, 2 army cards.
  • Lawmen & Samurai: 6 figures (Deadeye Dan, Guilty McCreech, James Murphy, 3 Tagawa Samurai), terrain, 4 army cards.
  • Soulborgs & Elves: 7 figures (4 Gladiatrons, 3 Aubrien Archers), terrain, 2 army cards.

Thora's Vengeance (2006): Wave 5

  • Ninjas & Samurai: 6 figures (3 Ninjas of the Northern Wind, 3 Kozuke Samurai), snow terrain, 2 army cards.
  • Gladiators & Agents: 6 figures (3 Nakita Agents, Spartacus, Crixus, Retiarius), snow terrain, 4 army cards.
  • Warriors & Soulborgs: 7 figures (3 Warriors of Ashra, 4 Deathreavers), snow terrain, 2 army cards.
  • Soulborgs: 7 figures (3 Deathstalkers, 4 Blastatrons), snow terrain, 2 army cards.

Dawn of Darkness (March 2007): Wave 6

Fields of Valor' (June 2007): Wave 7

Defenders of Kinsland (June 2008): Wave 8

Blackmoon's Siege (June 2009): Wave 9

Valkrill's Gambit (October/November 2009): Wave 10, Special Collection

  • Champions of Renown: 2 hero figures and a Squad of 3 figures (Sir Hawthorne, Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider, Elite Onyx Vipers)
  • Warriors & Soulborgs: 7 squad figures (3 Warriors of Ashra, 4 Deathreavers), 2 army cards. Reissue of Wave 5 common.
  • Soulborgs: 7 squad figures (3 Deathstalkers, 4 Blastatrons), 2 army cards. Reissue of Wave 5 common.
  • Warriors of Feldspar: 6 squad figures (3 Granite Guardians, 3 Quasatch Hunters), 2 army cards. Repaint of Volcarren Wasteland's Obsidian Guards and Thaelenk Tundra's Dzu-Teh.

Champions of the Forgotten Realms (March 2010): Wave D1

  • Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen: 1 uncommon hero (Fen Hydra), 1 common hero (Sahuagin Raider), 1 common squad (3 Phantom Knights), 1 temporary Treasure Glyph (Ring of Protection), 3 army cards, and 1 glyph card.
  • Fury of the Primordials: 1 uncommon hero (Wyvern), 4 common heroes (Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Air Elemental, and Earth Elemental), and 1 temporary Treasure Glyph (Elixir of Speed), 5 army cards, and 1 glyph card.
  • Glaun Bog Raiders: 1 uncommon hero (Greater Ice Elemental), 1 common hero (Drow Chainfighter), 1 common squad (3 Greenscale Warriors), and 1 temporary Treasure Glyph (Whetstone of Venom), 3 army cards, and 1 glyph card.
  • Heroes of Faerun: 5 unique heroes (Morgrimm Forgehammer, Brandis Skyhunter, Sharwin Wildborn, Torin, and Estivara), 1 permanent Treasure Glyph (Holy Symbol of Pelor), 5 army cards, and 1 glyph card.

Warriors of Eberron (August 2010): Wave D2

  • Golem and Wyrmlings: 1 uncommon hero (Iron Golem), 4 common heroes (White Wyrmling, Red Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling, and Blue Wyrmling), 1 temporary Treasure Glyph (Bracers of Teleportation), 5 army cards, and 1 glyph card.
  • Veterans of the Last War: 2 uncommon heroes (Werewolf Lord and Mind Flayer Mastermind), 1 common squad (3 Warforged Soldiers), 3 Lycanthrope Markers, 1 temporary Treasure Glyph (Cloak of Invisibility), 3 army cards, and 1 glyph card.
  • Ogre and Goblins: 1 uncommon hero (Ogre Warhulk), 1 common squad (4 Goblin Cutters), 1 temporary Treasure Glyph (Belt of Giant Strength), 2 army cards, and 1 glyph card.
  • Heroes of Khorvaire: 5 unique heroes (Kurrok the Elementalist, Rhogar Dragonspine, Mika Connour, Heirloom, and Shurrak), 2 Shadow tiles, 1 permanent Treasure Glyph (Brooch of Shielding), 5 army cards, and 1 glyph card.

Wave D3 (confirmed, but with unknown release date, probably early 2011)

Fan sites

Heroscape has developed an online fan-base. One of the most popular early fansites was Fans of the game, and even some of the game's designers, gathered in this community to discuss things such as game mechanics, new scenarios, rule variants and the latest rumors about upcoming expansions. fell victim to copyright restrictions and was shut down. (HQ) was the site to which many of the users moved. The administrators of this site watch copyright much more closely because of the issues which forced the closure of This site features downloadable fan-made modifications including some from the defunct site.

The premiere fansite now is Scapers is the best place to keep up with up to date information on Heroscape. You can also find plenty of customizations for Scape.

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