Hidden Expedition: Amazon is an adventure-puzzle casual game developed by Big Fish Studios, and distributed by Big Fish Games. It is the third installment in the Hidden Expedition series.

Story Edit

In Hidden Expedition: Amazon, you play the role of worldwide adventurer headed deep within the Amazon Jungle in search of a lost professor. The only clue you have is an old, tattered map that references an ancient Beetle Temple. You must travel through various cities, temples, and ruins in your search for the professor. There are many puzzles and hidden object challenges you have to complete in order to solve the game.

Gameplay Edit

Like all Hidden Expedition titles, Hidden Expedition: Amazon relies heavily on the hidden object puzzle.

Theme and production values Edit

Hidden Expedition: Amazon features pre-rendered puzzles with many moving parts. The audio production was managed by SomaTone Interactive Audio. Music and Sound Effects Music recorded with the Deutsche Film Orchestra Orchestra Production by SomaTone

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