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There are very few examples of "known" peasant weapons, as most were adapted from farm implements in the absence of "real" martial blades, and by their nature are nondescript. There are exceptions, however, and from the defense of Kyo prefecture comes Hideo's Kama, created to bolster a group of farmers against marauding pirates. The farm survived, though Hideo himself, the architect of the plan, fell out of favor having spent his fortune on the effort.

Facts about "Hideo's Kama"RDF feed
Base Critical Threatx2 +
Base Damage1d6 +
Base Damage TypeSlashing +
DisplayNameHideo's Kama +
ElementKama +
FeatWeapon Proficiency (exotic) + and Weapon Proficiency (monk) +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameHideo's Kama +
NamePageHideo's Kama +
NamesHideo's Kama +
PageNameHideo's Kama +
PageTypeElement +
Weapon SizeSmall +
Weight1.0 +

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