Hiroyuki Ito (伊藤 裕之 Itō Hiroyuki?) is a Japanese game director and game designer. He is most known for his work on Square Enix's role-playing game series Final Fantasy.


Initially working in debugging and sound effects for the first three games of the Final Fantasy series, his work became prominent in Final Fantasy IV, when he created the long-time series staple, the Active Time Battle (ATB) system. Afterwards, he served as a designer for a number of battle systems in the series, including the Job system in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Tactics, the Esper system in Final Fantasy VI, the Junction system and the Triple Triad card game in Final Fantasy VIII and the Active Dimension Battle (ADB) of Final Fantasy XII.

He also served as a Co-Director of Final Fantasy VI with Yoshinori Kitase as well as the Director of Final Fantasy IX. One of his latest roles was as a Co-Director for Final Fantasy XII, first with Yasumi Matsuno, then with Hiroshi Minagawa after Matsuno left the project.[1]

Published works

Hiroyuki Ito has also been credited on the following games, seemingly as an employee of a different company than Square Enix, though it is unknown if it is the same person:


  1. Anoop Gantayat (2005-08-01). Changes to Final Fantasy XII Staff. IGN. Retrieved on 2010-05-04

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