Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubo!! (ホーリーアンブレラ ドンデラの無謀!! Horianburera Dondera reckless! !?)[4] is a game that combines the elements of platform games with console role-playing games. While monsters are fought using a side-scrolling action game component, exploring the overworld and the towns are done through an overhead view. All the bosses have "Dondera" in their name; with the final enemy being Dondera himself.[5] The game has a post-industrial element[5] to it as most enemies are tanks and airplanes. 10290 yen was the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the game (which translates to $111.25 in American dollars).[6]


A young schoolboy who lives in 20th century Japan.[5]
A small, blue bird that accompanies the old man at the start of the game.[5]
She is a girl who lives in the Mystery Village.[5]
He is an very effeminate yet evil(?) emperor who is behind most of the past bosses fought.[5]


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