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Game developed by Relic Entertainment.

Voice Cast and Characters

  • The Narrator - Campbell Lane
  • Karan S'jet|Fleet Command/Karan S'jet - Heidi Ernest
  • Bentusi|Voice of the Bentusi - Campbell Lane
  • Kushan Fleet Intelligence|Voice of Fleet Intelligence - Michael Suncyzk
  • Captain Elson - David Sobolov
  • List of Canon Characters|Kadeshi Ambassador - David Sobolov
  • Pilot Voices - Ian James Corlett, David Sobolov, Jason Wingham
  • Additional Voices - Brian Arnold, Tina Savoie, Lucas Wolf

Design Team

  • Director - Alex Garden
  • Lead Designer - Erin Daly
  • Lead Programmer - Luke Moloney
  • Art Director - Rob Cunningham
  • Lead Artist - Aaron Kambeitz
  • Designers - Adam Bullied, Quinn Duffy
  • Programmers - Jason Dorie, Drew Dunlop, Keith Hentschel, Bryce Pasechnik, Falko Poiker, Gary Shaw, Darren Stone
  • Artists - Andy Lang, Kelly O'Hara, Erin Olorenshaw, Arthur Shimizu, David T. Cheong, Art We
  • Music and Sound Effects - Paul Ruskay, Roger Savoie
  • Sound Programming - Shane Alfreds, Janik Joire
  • CFO - Curtis Terry
  • IT Support - Frank Roberts
  • Manual Story - Montgomery E. Crabapple
  • Manual Design - Rubber Oven Design (David Kirby, Jon Pensa)
  • Story Concept - Dave Williams
  • Manual Illlustrations - Thomas Graham, Rob Cunningham, Aaron Kambeitz
  • Astronomy Consultant - Jaymie M. Matthews
  • Deep Space Dry Methane Martinis - Jaymie M. Matthews

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