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The Hookshot is an item that appears in a most games in the Zelda series. It is similar to Batman's Grappling Gun. It's basically a spearhead attached to a spring-loaded chain, that is shot to hook into surfaces and enemies.

Link uses it to grab onto certain surfaces (usually wooden) and pull himself towards them. He can also use it to stun some enemies, and sometimes even pull them closer to him. It also makes a decent medium range weapon, especially since the Fairy Bow has limited ammo. However, it's attack power is limited, and usually only has a stun effect, much like his Boomerang. When Link takes it out (without z-targeting), it goes into a first-person perspective and (for some reason) has a laser point that shows where you're aiming. That hookshot has some really mysterious technology.

Eventually, the hookshot is replaced by the Longshot, which (other than being an X-Man) is a hookshot with a longer chain.

The Hookshot is an item that is fairly unique to the Zelda universe, and is one of Link's trademark gadgets.


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