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Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans, (also known as simply Ruthless Romans) is a 2009 video game based on the popular series of books;Horrible Histories written by Terry Deary. The game was released on Wii, Nintendo DS and PC and is narrated by Terry Deary.


In the game's "Story Mode" you play as Rassimus, a young, Dacian man that escaped during the peasant riots. Rassimus was captured by Lucius, leader of the fifth Roman Legion, sent there to suppress the Dacian strike. Rassimus later becomes under Lucius Gladius' control and begins training at the gladiator school of rome to become the champion gladiator.

Special Edition

A special edition, multi pack of the Wii game was also released which also included the Horrible Histories book of the same name.


The game was generally well received by critics. The game was praised mainly for its story-line. Pokemon World Magazine awarded it 8/10.

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