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Hot Wheels Velocity X is a racing video game released in 2002 by Beyond Games. There are versions for the Gamecube, PlayStation 2, PC, and Gameboy Advance. The game is based on the Hot Wheels toy automobiles. The game has 33 cars that can be unlocked by successfully completing various challenges and missions.


In the Adventure mode, the player can choose one of fourteen missions. After completing a mission, another mission is unlocked and sometimes a new car is unlocked. In this mode the player is often assigned tasks such as racing opponents, destroying enemy vehicles, transporting bombs to 'safe' places, etc. It the final mission, the player finally confronts Otto the main villain of the story.

In the Challenge mode, the player can choose one of eighteen challenges. After completing a challenge, another challenge is unlocked. Here the player has to collect gears, finish races within the assigned time, etc. When a certain challenge is completed, the player unlocks new tracks, cars, weapons, etc.

The game also has a Drag Race mode, a Battle mode, and a Joyride mode. The Drag Race and Battle modes are both single-player and multi-player(except in the PC version of the game). The Joyride mode is single-player, and its main purpose is to help the player get to know the track.


  • Gear Head, the robot is blue in the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Windows versions of the game. In the Game Boy Advance version of the game, he is green.
  • Meta Cog is Otto's robot.

List of Hot Wheels cars in gameEdit

- Ms-t suzuka - Super tuned - Sooo fast - Flashfire - Mega duty - Muscle tone - Sho-stopper - Hammerd coupe - Jaded - Way 2 fast - Deora 2 - Hyper mite - Power pistons - Evil twin - Surf crate - Rigor motor - Lakester - Splittin' image 2 - Greased lightnin' - Hyperliner - Maelstrom - Sol-aire cx4 - Surfin' school bus - Vulture - Arachnorod - Krazy 8's - Shadow jet - HW prototype 12 - Power rocket - Jet threat 3.0 - Twin mill 2 - At-a-tude - Overbored 454 Template:Hot WheelsTemplate:THQ-stub