Almost exactly the same as Scorched Earth.


The game plays with little tanks scattered over a randomlly generated terrain with random elevation. Each player or computer player takes a turn selecting angle, power, and then fires off a shot. Each shot has a tracer showing it's flight path and on the next turn by adjusting your angle and power the player gets closer to hitting other tanks. There are a variety of different ammunition each with its own unique explosive effect. There are also a number of fuses, guidance systems, fall protection, and shields.


The year is 2062. You take the role of Cliff Clank a rough and tough leader of a group of rag tag hooligans set out to carve their own niche in this apocolyctic landscape...

Ok, there really is no story, that's all made up. All you do is point, shoot, point, shoot, and something will eventually blow up.

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