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Human Baseball (ヒューマンベースボール?, "Human Baseball")[3] is a Japan-exclusive video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game features 3D computer graphics and players complete with baseball statistics. Each player has his surname written in the game in Japanese. Each team logo is based on the Nippon Professional Baseball league; which is the premier baseball organization in Japan. Like in all Japanese baseball games, it uses the strike-ball-out counter (SBO) as opposed to the ball-strike-out counter (BSO). Batters have their career batting averages and the number of home runs shown on the screen at all time when they are up to bat.

There is a miniature picture of the baseball diamond on the bottom right corner of the screen to show where the base runners are. This was commonly used in 8-bit and 16-bit baseball games during an era prior to "runner windows" becoming commonplace in more modern baseball video games.


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