Human Grand Prix III: F1 Triple Battle (ヒューマングランプリ3 F1トリプルバトル?, "Human Grand Prix 3 F1 Triple Battle")[4] is a Super Famicom Formula One racing game and the prequel of Human Grand Prix IV: F1 Dream Battle. The object is to win all the major international races on the Formula One circuit. The game can be played by either one, two or even three players (Battle Mode-only) simultaneously. Various modes of racing include: regular season, battle (which is similar to exhibition or single race mode in other Formula One video games), and the time trial mode which tests how fast a player can drive his or her race car on any of the world's premier road courses. Only the vehicles from the 1994 season are used. Michael Schumacher and Satoru Nakajima are the most popular racers in this video game; even though Nakajima is a hidden character.

Even though the game was only released in Japan, all in-game texts are in English.

Teams and driversEdit

Williams: Damon Hill, David Coulthard

Tyrrell: Ukyo Katayama, Mark Blundell

Benetton: Michael Schumacher, J.J. Lehto

McLaren: Mika Häkkinen, Martin Brundle

Arrows: Christian Fittipaldi, Gianni Morbidelli

Lotus: Alessandro Zanardi, Johnny Herbert

Jordan: Rubens Barrichello, Eddie Irvine

Larrousse: Olivier Beretta, Erik Comas

Minardi: Pierluigi Martini, Michele Alboreto

Ligier: Eric Bernard, Olivier Panis

Ferrari: Jean Alesi, Gerhard Berger

Sauber: Karl Wendlinger, Heinz-Harald Frentzen

The default teams that participate within the season mode are Williams, Tyrrell, Benetton, McLaren, Jordan, Ferrari and Sauber. Players have the ability to edit the teams so that they can have any seven teams participate in the way that he or she prefers. Trading drivers between teams is also possible as well as changing a team's engine and creating six altogether new drivers and have them join a team.


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