Hummer Badlands is a racing game developed by Eutechnyx and published by Global Star Software. It was released in North America for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox on April 11, 2006.

The game involves off-road racing in a Hummer vehicle.


The gameplay is very diverse. There are seven different types of races.

Single Player

Extreme Off-Road Two areas: Granny Gear and Pike's Peak. The player must shift gears in order to pass different terrains in Granny Gear, and choose different paths in the uncharted Pike's Peak. Both areas have four races: Practice (which unlocks Amateur), Amateur, (which unlocks a "level 1" non-customizable vehicle), Professional ("level 2" vehicle), and Extreme (Best vehicle in the game, Bling or Patriot).

Quick Race Just as the name suggests.

Beat the Clock The player must get to the finish line in a set time.

Championship Racing in a tournament against various opponents.

Time Trial Records how long it takes for the player to win.

2 Player

Quick Race A 1-on-1 race.

Pursuit A race recording the distance the players have traveled from the finish line.

Tug-O-War The Hummers are tied to a rope and attempt to pull each other in the water.


The models available are the HUMMER H1 (discontinued), H2 SUT, H2 SUV, H3 SUV and the H3T concept. Most models can be customized by transmission and upgrades (which depend on the model). The colors may also be changed. Six unlockable vehicles: The Security (Police, H3 SUV), Custom Racing (racing livery, H3T), Fire Truck (Firefighting, H1), Snow Patrol (A snow themed Police, H2 SUT), Bling (Golden, spinners, etc., H2 SUV), and the Patriot (Eagle and Flag-themed, H1) are non-customizable. Customization determines Speed, Handling, and Hp (how much damage it can take), as well as the look.


Review scores
Publication Score
Video Game Generation
<center>5.5 of 10

</div> The game was received poorly by critics, with a current average ratio on of 44%. Video Game Generation noted that "it's not a bad value at $19.99", giving it a slightly better score of 5.5 out of 10.

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