Hunter: The Reckoning: Redeemer is an action fighting game for the Xbox. Redeemer is based on a gothic fantasy world pen and paper RPG system. It is the third game of the Hunter: The Reckoning series, sequel to Hunter: The Reckoning: Wayward which was released for the PlayStation 2.


Players act as human monster hunters combining melee, ranged and supernatural attacks called "edges". It has single-player and multiplayer modes allowing up to four players locally.


Hunter: the Reckoning: Redeemer begins five years after the events of Wayward. The original four characters now team up with a new addition, Redeemer Kaylie Winters (the little girl saved from the first game) to save the city of Ashcroft from the machinations of a corrupted hunter named Xavier Lucien of Genefex, who uses his corporation's resources to attempt to infect the entire city and other surrounding areas with a mutagen that turns them into hulking cyclopian mutant-zombies referred to as 'foot soldiers'. He does this hoping that these foot soldiers will eliminate the werewolves for him. The characters fight through many areas including a series of city streets during Christmas time (the level ending climatically with a fight against an evil, demonic Santa who pulls out a bear that resembles the one who killed Kaylie's parents) or through a warehouse where the mutagen was originally produced.

The characters work with Xavier Lucien at the start of the game, but quickly realize that he is not acting to protect people from the Werewolves but is instead a completely different and much more prevalent threat. Unlike in most Hunter stories, where the Hunters usually prefer to fight any non-human on sight, in this game the Hunters team up with a paranormal creature to battle a common foe. The game ends with Judge, Father Estaban Cortez, supposedly killing Xavier Lucien on the roof of one of his own laboratories with his cruciform sword before the building explodes. It is implied that this is the end of Judge's life. kaylie ultimately takes possession of her adoptive guardian's sword.


Redeemer received average critical reception, with scores averaging around 73% according to GameRankings.[1]

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