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Hyper V-Ball is a Super NES volleyball game and the fourth game of Super Volley series. The player can use either human or robotic volleyball players. While the human players give the game more realism, the robot players can provide special moves that can guarantee points to the player or CPU opponent that can pull them off successfully. This game was featured in the "sports game section" of an old Nintendo Power magazine where the producer of the game McO'River was humorously confused for a new trout burger at McDonald's. The song is by Panamanian artists Rodney Clark and Andy De La Cruz. Clark is known as "El Chombo"

The Turbo Force team is internationally regarded as the best team in the game. They hail from the planet Zenon and possess specific skills to defeat anybody of the Reynolds family, such as the lesser known Reynolds - Spenny. Turns out that they have an ultimate power, one to take over the world, and basically make anybody playing against them cry.

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