Ice-Pick Lodge is a studio-video game developer based in Moscow, Russia, established in 2002. The studio became well known in Russia after releasing its first project Pathologic, which quickly gained critical acclaim and won several major Russian awards. Ice-Pick Lodge stands out by its approach to creating original and unique games.


  • Nikolay Dybowskiy — founder of the studio, CEO, lead game designer and writer.
  • Airat Zakirov — lead logic programmer and project manager.
  • Peter Potapov — art director.
  • Aleksey Bakhvalov — lead engine programmer.
  • Igor Pokrovskiy — level designer, texturer, beta-tester and all-purpose developer.
  • Vasiliy Kashnikov — sound director and composer.
  • Aleksander Jukov — character modeller.
  • Aleksey Luchin — programmer, translator (starting from The Void), community manager and all-purpose developer.


  • 2005, 9 June — Pathologic is a game about a small town located in the ancient Steppe, which is plagued by an epidemic.
  • 2008, 17 April — The Void is a game about a soul that managed to linger in the Void before absolute death.

Both Pathologic and The Void won the "Most Non-Standard Game" award at the Russian Game Developers Conference, KRI in 2005 and 2007 respectively.[1][2]



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