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Impressions Games was a video game developer founded by David Lester (currently of Firefly Studios) in the UK. He sold the company to Sierra Entertainment in 1995,[1] who was then bought out by Cendant and eventually, Vivendi Universal (now known as Vivendi SA).

Impressions specialized in historical strategy games, and is most well known for its City Building Series, which include Caesar, Pharaoh, and Master of Olympus - Zeus.

Mike Ryder, former president of Sierra Entertainment, forced a change in management in October 2001, during development of Lords of the Realm III. Rod Nakamoto was installed as the new director. Lords III became Impressions's final game, and was released to mediocre reviews in March 2004.

The studio was shut down in April 2004 when Vivendi Universal closed most of their game development studios. Many members of the studio moved on to form Tilted Mill Entertainment.

Former notable employees of Impressions include Chris Beatrice and Peter Haffenreffer, co-founders of Tilted Mill Entertainment.

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