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InFluid Software is a video game developer and software developer (although mostly the first), established in 1996. The company is notorious for their frequent use of horror atmosphere and violence in their games. They still uphold the use of the shareware distribution model, trying to remain old school as much as possible. Smack Some Smackers was their most popular and infamous franchise and, besides Haunted Childhood II, their Internet distribution breakthrough. Nowadays, most of their games are freeware, along with the older titles, and the upcoming ones[1].


  • 2002 - Gravedigger
  • 2003 - Haunted Childhood
  • 2003 - Smack Some Smackers
  • 2003 - Smack Some Smackers X-Mas
  • 2004 - Haunted Childhood II
  • 2004 - Bad Dreams
  • 2004 - Smack Some Smackers 2
  • 2006 - Smack Some Smackers 2 Xmas Xtreme

Old Projects

Besides the available games that are listed above, InFluid Software has created several mostly DOS based games, that are no longer listed on their site, and are considered abandoned. Most of these titles are unobtainable.

  • 1996 - Impedo 2000
  • 1996 - Pomak
  • 1996 - Nitemarebin
  • 1996 - H-Quest
  • 1997 - SpacePop
  • 1999 - InfoCraft
  • 1999 - Nightmare Wars
  • 2000 - System War

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