Independence Port

Busiest port on the East Coast.

Official NameIndependence Port
Level Range20-29
Zone TypeCity
Area2.62 square miles
Arena Access?No
TrainerAurora Borealis
Task ForceSister Psyche
Strike Force
TrialJane Hallaway (Level 24-33 Respec)
Hero Corp Field Analyst-1562, 6, -5508
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone EventsGhost Ship
Monster SpawnsLusca
TransportationPTA Green Line, Ferry to Striga Isle
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Family
* Freakshow
* Tsoo
* Sky Raiders
* Devouring Earth
* Council
Contacts* Dr. Cheng
* Amanda Loomis
* Dennis Ewell
* Justin Greene
* Oswald Cuthbert
* Rondel Jackson
* Wilson Eziquerra
* Georgia Fields
* Justine Kelly
* Kevin Cordell
* Kirsten Woods
* Melanie Peebles
* Jake Kim
* Wilma Peterson
* Laura Brunetti
* Laurie Pennington
* Christine Lansdale
* Lorenzo Tate
* Collin Larson
* Ashwin Lannister
Districts* Wave Landing
* Crey Cove
* Steel Pier
* Justice Quay
* Bell Point
* Valor Bridge
* Industry Pier
* Patriot Wharf
* Power Island
* Liberty Quay
Exploration Badges* Crey Havoc: -441, 2, -270
* Valorous: 947, 609, -1152
* Vigorous: -1615, 80, -1870
History Plaques* Authority Plaque 1: 910, 100, -4175, Pedestal
* Authority Plaque 2: -1035, 36, -2441, Pedestal
* Researcher Plaque 1: 1626, 5, 5252, Pedestal
* Historian Plaque 1: 1080, 6, 2312, Pedestal
Connected Zones* Kings Row
* Brickstown
* Terra Volta



One of the many heroines to give her life for truth, justice, and the American way.

Independence Port is one of the most important zones in Paragon City commerce, while some shipping goes to the Talos or Peregrine Islands, most comes to Independence Port. This also makes it the primary place to find the Family, with their interest in smuggling drugs and other illegal items. This has pulled in the Tsoo, who are fighting a minor gang war with the mafia. The Council, as usual, has set up recruiters throughout the zone, and you may find other groups looking for business or territory. Independence Port is also the home of Lusca, a giant squid which attacks fairly regularly until beaten back by heroes. The Ghost Ship, also seen in Talos Island, also appears here from time to time.

Historically, Independence Port is known as the site of the 5th Column attack on December 7th, 1941. The giant hero Atlas almost single-handedly stopped them on the Valor Bridge, although he lost his own life in the process. Independence Port is also the only zone to contain another entire zone within it, with the industrial island of Terra Volta.

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