Since the Tomb Raider games are basically a rip off of the Indiana Jones movies, why not rip off Tomb Raider with an Indiana Jones movie? Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is exactly that. It also had the odd circumstance of only being available to buy online from Blockbuster's website.

The gameplay consists of action sequences that lets players use the trademark whip, broken up by puzzles that require solving to continue on. Besides the whip, you'll also use a few different guns. Oh, and Indie can cast magic spells.


To change weapons, you'll be equipping items with the C-buttons on the Nintendo 64 version. Like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Since they're already borrowing that, they also borrowed another one of the best parts of OoT's control scheme: Z-Targeting. In this case, it's R-Targeting, but it works the same way. The game is divided into 17 chapters.