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You know, the Nintendo 64 has a lot of racing games. This one, Indy Racing 2000, is a plain ol' dime-a-dozen racer that has nothing remarkable about it. It strikes a balance between being an arcade racer and a simulation racer, but it doesn't feature big ramps and power-ups, so let's call it a simulation racer.

It's got realism on its side, anyway. It's a fully licensed Indy Racing game, featuring exactly one ton of real life tracks and venues. There are also real drivers, and their cars from the 1999 season. As for multiplayer, the game only supports 2 player split-screen. You can keep track of many different stats of a specific car, and tweak it in the tiniest way to up performance. During pit stops, you have full control of what happens.

Of course, if you don't like that, you can turn on "arcade mode" and have a much more mindless game, where pit stops are automated, and controls are loose and speedy. In both versions, the HUD shows a draft meter to aid you mid race. You've even got your crew talking to you via radio as you drive. Neat!

And finally, there's sprint, midget and F2000 cars available within game. I don't know what that means. I just copied it from IGN.

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