The minigunner is armed with a 5.56mm minigun that is effective against infantry and in groups can even destroy lightly armored vehicles fast. They are not very effective against armor or buildings

In renegade, the minigunner is armed with a "raptor" .50 cal automatic rifle with 100 shots per clip and is effective against only infantry.


The officer is only in renegade. He is armed with a "condor" chaingun that shoots more rapidly than the raptor. It is effective against infantry and also lightly armored vehicles. In single player, the NOD officer is able to call in reinforcements of various kinds to drop at his location.


The grenadier is packed with grenades that are effective against infantry, structures, and light armor. The grenadier is more effective against everything compared to the minigunner, and has more range, but may miss faster targets. When one grenadier dies, he explodes and may injure other soldiers in his squad.

The renegade grenadier is armed with a "kestral" grenade launcher that fires 8 rounds of grenades. It is effective agains vehicles if it hits, and can damage infantry. It also has a good amount of splash damage on infantry if it misses a bit too. It fires arced. If fired and hits terrain close by, it is able to bounce away.

Rocket Soldier

The rocket soldier has less armor than other infantry, but its anti-tank weapon and range makes him useful. A few of them can take out tanks very fast. They are also good against air units.

The rocket soldier of renegade is armed with a "locust" rocket launcher that is effective against vehicles, and infantry if it hits properly. It is also a bit effective on structures.

Rocket Soldier Officer

Same as rocket soldier of renegade, but can call in reinforcements like an officer.


An engineer is a very important unit. Although weak, unarmed, and slow, he is able to capture buildings upon entry.

The renegade engineer is armed with a "gizmo" repair gun that is capable of repairing friendly units and structures. The engineer can also use remote and timed C4 charges. In the single player missions, the engineer sometimes uses the repair gun to attack with a red beam that burns instead of a blue one that repairs.


A weak unit that is a civilian. He works inside buildings like silos and comes out when buildings are destroyed. Armed with a pistol that does very weak damage to anything.

In renegade, it is a better unit than the engineer, armed with proximity C4 mines as well, and a repairgun that works faster. He also uses a pistol often in the single player missions.

Flame Thrower

An infantry for anti infantry at close range. He packs a flamethrower that can kill infantry in a few hits as well as damage vehicles and buildings a lot. Very strong, but short ranged. They become dangerous for each other in groups.

In renegade, the flamethrower wears a fire-resistant suit and is armed with a flamethrower. It is effective against light armor and all infantry but a flamethrower.

Chem Warrior

A unit that is like the flame thrower but packing a tiberium-based chemical sprayer. Its toxins are effective against vehicles, infantry, and also buildings.(walls too) The chem warrior is also capable of travel across tiberium without getting damaged because of his biohazard equipment.

In renegade, the chem trooper wears a chem suit that is resistant to a chemical sprayer and allows him to stay in a tiberium field damage free. He is effective agains all but mutants.


Commando is a special unit that is only available on special missions or in multiplayer. He carries C4 charges to destroy buildings and a sniper rifle to combat infantry. Although he can eliminate infantry, he is near useless against vehicles.

In renegade, this refers to the special sniper units of GDI and NOD such as Havoc or Sakura. They use a ramjet sniper rifle that shoots a stronger shot than the sniper and has the same microphone system. It also damages vehicles a lot more too.

Black Hand Heavy Weapons Specialist

A member of the blackhand in renegade, this infantry uses many different weapons in single player missions like the raptor or the "tarantula" laser chaingun that is faster than the laser rifle. He is usually a bit more armored than normal troops and usually has more firepower.

Black Hand Stealth Soldier

The blackhand chameleon is a unit that uses NOD's stealth lazarus shield technology to remained cloaked. He only appears when firing, but can be see up close with stealth effects around him. He is armed with a "firefly"laser rifle that is effective against everything a fair amount.

Black Hand Sniper

Nod's special forces sniper. He is armed with a "pierce" sniper rifle that has a directional microphone installed allowing for visual and audio of the area the gun is pointed. Good for spying. The nod sniper is usually in campspots in single player and is deadly to infantry.


A tiberium mutant that is not as developed in intelligence as the others. Heals in tiberium. It usually fights with its fists and does not usually have a weapon. In multiplayer, an initiate is allowed unlimited shotgun ammunition.


Acolytes are more intelligent mutants than initiates and are usually armed with "venom"chem sprayers or a "mantis"tiberium auto rifle. In multiplayer, they have unlimited chem sprayer ammo and have limited ammo of the "Talon" tiberium flechette gun, which fires shards of tiberium instead of ammo.


The most advanced of the NOD mutant experiments, the templar is the strongest. He uses a tiberium auto rifle in both single and multiplayer and is dangerous.

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