Insaniquarium (stylized as Insaniquarium!) is a computer game created by Flying Bear Entertainment and PopCap Games.

Insaniquarium Deluxe features enhanced graphics, new pets, new modes of gameplay, and a new type of currency called "shells". Shells are collected as the game progresses, and they can be used to create a custom Insaniquarium screen saver, to buy bonus pets or to increase the number of pets allowed in each tank.


The first version of the game, developed by Flying Bear Entertainment, is Java-based and available as a free online game.[5] During development a member of the team purchased a goldfish and examined its movements and behaviour.[6] Shortly after, a PDA version was released. The latest version, Insaniquarium Deluxe, was released in September 2004 for PC.



Players must manage a tank of guppies and other aquatic creatures, each stage begins with two guppies in the tank or one breeder which creates guppies.[7] Guppies and other fish drop money, which can be collected by the player and used to purchase fish food and upgrades, such as more filling food and powerful lasers to repel attackers.[8] Each creature must be kept alive by feeding, whether through fish food bought by the player or other species of fish in the tank. In addition to feeding fish, the player must protect the fish from aliens that periodically enter the tank and attempt to eat the fish. The aliens must be clicked on repeatedly with the mouse pointer in order to defeat them.[9] The deluxe version of Insaniquarium contains eight different aliens, but in the original Java version there are four.

Insaniquarium can be played in Adventure, Time Trial, or Challenge mode.

In adventure mode, a player advances through five tanks. Tanks 1-4 have five levels but tank 5 has only a level in which a player must beat the final boss in order to complete the game.

Time Trial mode restricts the player to completing the first tank in five minutes and in ten minutes for the three subsequent tanks. Egg pieces no longer count towards finishing a level, but instead add a random pet into the tank (always starting with three pets). Each piece cost doubles the previous one, with the first shell starting at £100. The goal of the Time Trial mode is to make as much money as possible; a 5% of the total money earned will be transformed into shells.

Challenge mode is similar to Adventure mode, but the cost of each item on the board rises 1% for every five seconds of game time. Buying an egg piece resets the cost of all of the items except for the other egg pieces (the current price will freeze), and several seconds afterwards the costs will start to rise again. The difficulty and number of aliens allowed in the tank also rise as time progresses. Unlike in the adventure mode, after five minutes all purchase options are open so that there is no need to purchase specific upgrades or special fish to be able to buy other items or egg pieces.

There is also a sandbox mode, accessible when the silver/gold trophy is achieved. After getting either trophy, players must go to the title screen and enter the Konami Code. It allows full access to unlimited amounts of fish, pets and aliens.


Below is a chart of when you get each pet and what it does.

Adventure Tank 1

Stinky the Snail (Level 1): Roams the bottom of the tank to catch coins you missed.

Niko the Oyster (Level 2): Produces Pearls from time to time which you can get for money.

Itchy the Swordfish (Level 3): Helps you attack any alien that appears.

Prego the Momma Fish (Level 4): Gives birth to new guppies from time to time.

Zorf the Sea Horse (Level 5): Will help you feed your fish if some of them get hungry.

Adventure Tank 2

Clyde the Jellyfish (Level 1): Floats around your tank to catch coins.

Vert the Skeleton (Level 2): Will drop gold coins every so often like a big guppy, only he does not die.

Rufus the Fiddler Crab (Level 3): Deals heavy damage to aliens but can only attack on the bottom of the tank.

Meryl the Mermaid (Level 4): Will sing once in a while which makes fish drop coins faster.

Wadsworth the Whale (Level 5): Protects your baby and medium sized guppies from aliens.

Adventure Tank 3

Seymour the Turtle (Level 1): Makes all coins/diamonds/pearls/chests drift slower.

Shrapnel the Robot Fish (Level 2): Will drop bombs once in a while, which can be clicked for money but can kill a fish on contact

Gumbo the Angler (Level 3): Lures all your fish away from aliens once they appear.

Blip the Porpoise (Level 4): Provides information about aliens and shows which fish are hungry.

Rhubarb the Hermit Crab (Level 5): Keeps your fish off the bottom of the tank.

Adventure Tank 4

Nimbus the Manta Ray (Level 1): Tosses food or coins/pearls etc. back towards the top of the tank.

Amp the Electric Eel (Level 2): Electrocutes your entire tank once in a while killing your fish but changes them to diamonds.

Gash the Shark (Level 3): Deals heavy damage to aliens but will eat your guppies from time to time.

Angie the Angel Fish (Level 4): Will revive dead fish.

Presto the Tadpole (Level 5): Can change to any of your unlocked pets. Right-click to change.

Bonus Pets

There are also 4 bonus pets that must be purchased with shells in order to get them:

Brinkley the Scuba Diving Elephant (20,000 shells): Needs to be fed and will toss star or another rare larger treasure after eating the 3rd food.

Nostradamus the Nose (25,000 shells): Produces snot with $1 value but if eaten by fish, they will be another nose. Can also delay alien attack with its sneeze.

Stanley the Sea-Serpent (30,000 shells): Fights aliens with projectiles (sport balls). Stops shots from the cyclops (Ulysses) before they reach their target.

Walter the Penguin (35,000 shells): Has boxing glove that can be used to punch fish to drop more coins or other pets to do their job. Just left-click to punch.


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