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IPVR (Interact Play VR) is a 3D sex simulation game developed by Dreams. It was released on August 21, 2001 in Japan.


The player plays as a chikan (a perverted man who frequently fondles women) in crowded subway trains. He rips the women's clothes in the subway trains, then follow them. He later rapes the women, takes pictures of them and blackmails them.


  • The Man; A tall man.
  • Haruka Isezaki: a student with glasses, the first victim.
  • Manami Akagi: a young heartbroken student. She witnessed the rape of Haruka.
  • Maya Kitamoto: Manami's best friend.
  • Yoko Kiryu: Manami and Maya's teacher
  • Miyabi Haneo: A detective and a bodyguard.

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