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International Games System (traditional Chinese: 鈊象電子Template:; pinyin: Xīnxiàng Diànzǐ) or IGS is a company based in Taiwan which develops video game software for the arcade and PC. It was founded in 1989.


  • 1991:

IGS, International Games System Co., LTD was founded. Business items include design, RD(Research and development), manufacture, marketing, after-sale service for arcade games' software, hardware, and facilities.

  • 1992:

Successfully developed the first combat game "Alien Challenge."

  • 1993:

Successfully developed the first intellectual game "Dragon World."

  • 1994:

Ranked as one of the most excellent importer/exporter in Taiwan.

  • 1996:

2D Polygame Master (or PGM) was successfully developed.</br> Successfully developed "Oriental Legend," the first edition of scrolling of combat game.

  • 1998:

First ranked at No. 943 among the best 1000 manufacturers in "The World Magazine".</br> Released "The Killing Blade," the first PGM combat game for double players.

  • 1999:

First ranked at No. 1641 among the Cross-industrial business in "The World Magazine" (ranked at No. 903 among the best 1000 manufacturers).</br> Successfully developed "Speed Driver," the first 3D racing game.</br> Unleashed "Knights of Valour," the PGM scrolling action game.

  • 2000:

New business item added: design and RD for PC game.</br> Released "Star 31," the first PC game.</br> Successfully unleashed "Rock Fever," the first musical & rhythmic game.</br> Successfully released "Crazy Dancing," the first dancing machine.</br> Unleashed "Knights of Valour 2," the PGM scrolling action game.

  • 2001:

Successfully released "Fighting Club," the world's first game machine for players to fight with both fists and legs.</br> Released "Rock Fever EX," the series of musical & rhythmic machines.

  • 2002:

Successfully unleashed "Demon Front," a PGM scrolling shooting game.</br> Released "Star 31 2002," the first game for PC Network.</br> Successfully unleashed "Rock Fever 3," the musical & rhythmic game.

  • 2003:

Event to announce public listing.</br> New business item added: design, RD, marketing, and operation for online games.</br> Successfully developed Touch Screen Game, or TSG.</br> Launched "Fong Shen," the first online game.</br> Successfully launched "EZ Touch 2," the first touch screen game.</br> Successfully launched "EZ Touch 2 plus," the first online touch screen game.</br> Successfully developed "KNIGHTS of VALOUR-THE SEVEN SPIRITS," the first Atomiswave Platform scrolling game with level pass.</br> Successfully developed the first generation of midium manual roulette machine.</br> Launched "Rock Fever 4," "Rock Fever 4 Remix," the musical & rhythmic game machines.</br> Lunched "The Gradiator," the PGM scrolling motion game.

  • 2004:

Appilcation to get listed in the emerging stock market.</br> Granted with the The National Outstanding SMEs Award.</br> Established "Hua Xiang Software Tech Co. Ltd," a subsidiary online game developer.</br> Established "Hong Xiang Network Technology. Co Ltd," a subsidiary online game operator.</br> Successfully developed "Game Tower," a platform for match making games.</br> Successfully developed "Star 31," the first online match making game. Successfully released "Percussion Master," the first musical drumming machine. Released "Top Driver," a 3D racing game.




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