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Inti is a terrestrial planet with an atmosphere composed of ammonia and helium. Its surface is mainly composed of sodium oxide with deposits of magnesium. Its density is rather loaw, leaving the planet tide-locked to Matano.

Inti is an unremarkable world, drawing little more than a cursory scan for surface pirate anchorages when Alliance patrols enter the system.

Facts about "Inti"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.56 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length0.6 Earth Years +
DisplayNameInti +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect +
NameInti +
NamePageInti +
NamesInti +
Orbital Period0.6 Earth Years +
PageNameInti +
PageTypeElement +
Radius9,032 km +
Surface Gravity0.99 G +
Surface Temperature430.15 K (157 °C, 314.6 °F, 774.27 °R) +

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