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Invasion of the Vorticons is the first series of the Commander Keen Jump&Run games published by Apogee Software Ltd.

The episodes

  • Episode 1: Marooned on the Mars
  • Episode 2: The Earth Explode
  • Episode 3: Keen Must Die

share a common set of cheat codes:

Cheat Codes


  • Activation: Simultaneously press the letter keys G + O + D.
  • Effects:
    • Invulnerability (against monsters, falling into holes will still kill you)


  • Simultaneously press the keys C + T + Space.
  • Effects:
    • receive the pogo-stick if not yet found (Ep. 1)
    • get all key cards
    • get full ammunition
    • enables flying (instead of jumping [CTRL] while pogo stick is activated [ALT])

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