The Spiral

The Spiral is the first map, with the main enemy forces taking a long route around the central city before approaching the stronghold. While most roads to the center are collapsed, a few enemy soldiers will attempt to flank and sneak in using an alternate route.


There are two routes to the stronghold. The right-hand side will be the main approach of the forces and vehicles, while the left-hand side will have enemies trying to flank you. One player should build a machine gun turret on the left, in order to keep the enemies manageable. This player can then proceed left onto the bridge, and throw grenades, dynamite or landmines onto the enemies as they pass.

If there are only bots on the server (or if playing offline), the build order will be a supply depot next to the stronghold, another machine gun post at the right corner of the stronghold (covering the other sneak-in point before the second-last turn), and both a machinegun and anti-tank turret on the upward ramp. Make sure that all buildings are upgraded as much as possible, and repaired.

The nature of the map gives a few opportunities to attack the enemies while being able to retreat. In addition to the two bridges, you can attack from windows, and destroy any vehicles before they get too close. If you are at the approach, you can also engage soldiers entering the city.

Officer locations

The officer will usually hide in a few locations:

  • In the church, near one of the entry points.
  • In the building before the final turn into the stronghold
  • In the tunnels below the city.

Old Town

The Castle

The Palace

Grand Maces Ruins

Kham Last Stand

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