Map of The Great Sea

Islands of The Great Sea from the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Forsaken Fortress (A1)

Star Island (B1)

North Fairy Island (C1)

Gale Isle (D1)

Crescent Moon Island (E1)

Seven-Star Isles (F1)

Overlook Island (G1)

Four-Eye Reef (A2)

Mother & Child Isles (B2)

Spectacle Island (C2)

Windfall Island (D2)

Pawprint Island (E2)

Dragon Roost Island (F2)

Flight Control Platform (G2)

West Fairy Island (A3)

Rock Spire Isle (B3)

Tingle Island (C3)

North Triangle Isle (D3)

East Fairy Isle (E3)

Fire Mountain (F3)

Star Belt Archipelago (G3)

Three-Eye Isle (A4)

Greatfish Isle (B4)

Cyclops Reef (C4)

Six-Eye Reef (D4)

Tower of Gods (E4)

East Triangle Isle (F4)

Thorned Fairy Island (G4)

Needle Rock Isle (A5)

Islet of Steel (B5)

Stonewatcher Island (C5)

South Triangle Isle (D5)

The Oasis (E5)

Bomb Island (F5)

Bird's Peak Rock (G5)

Diamond Steppe Island (A6)

Five-Eye Reef (B6)

Shark Island (C6)

South Fairy Island (D6)

Ice Ring Isle (E6)

Forest Haven (F6)

Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)

Horseshoe Isle (A7)

Outset Island (B7)

Headstone Island (C7)

Two-Eye Reef (D7)

Angular Isles (E7)

Boating Course (F7)

Five-Star Isles (G7)

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