Itlit Software is a computer game and middleware developer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Itlit was founded in 2002 as a mobile and casual game developer, mainly producing a number of side-scrolling and puzzle-based games. All their mobile titles were developed for Java ME and BREW mobile phones while the company served as technical contractor for various other casual game developers. At the start of 2003 Itlit made a shift from mobile and casual games to PC and console systems. Its first title for the PC, Relent: The Fallen, is a FPS/RPG scheduled for release in 2009/2010. Neither the company nor its publisher has released any information about this title, except for it being based on Itlit's in-house 3D engine.

Itlit is best known internationally for developing the RelentENGINE, a 3D engine renowned for its efficient shader model 3 and HDR lighting support. The engine has also received critical acclaim for its support of large, dynamically modifiable environments.

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