Five elements

Five Elements

The Five Elements of Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, and Metal, is the Chinese counterpart to the Four Elements of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air in Western tradition.

In the Izumo universe, the element of Water is often manifested as Ice, and Metal often manifested as Lightning.

There are two major relationships governing the Five Elements: that of generation, and of disruption.

The two relationships

  • Generation relationships ("Creation" in the diagram, follows the outside circle)
    • Water allows Wood to grow
    • Wood allows Fire to burn
    • Fire produces ashes (Earth)
    • from the Earth is Metal mined
    • Metal (container) collects Water
  • Disruption relationships ("Destruction" in the diagram, follows the star)
    • Earth fills up the sea (Water)
    • Water puts out Fire
    • Fire melts Metal
    • Metal chops Wood
    • tree roots (Wood) parts Earth

Effects of the Five Elements in the games

The generation relationship in Izumo games is manifested in attack chain combos. If an enemy (or ally) receives damage in the sequence of the elemental relationship, subsequent damage received are amplified. For example, if first you are hit by a Metal-based attack, then you are hit by a Water-based spell (can be from a different enemy), the water spell will deal extra damage than normal.

The disruption relationship in Izumo games modifies damage with respect to the enemy's elemental alignment. A Wood-aligned enemy will take extra damage from a Metal-based attack or spell. Conversely, a Wood-based attack will deal less damage to a Metal-aligned enemy.

Common misconceptions

  • The following are NOT part of the two major relationships
    • Fire evaporates Water (incorrect disruption)
    • Metal digs up Earth (incorrect disruption)
    • Earth allows Wood to grow (incorrect generation)

If you are trying to come up with the 5 relationship off the top of your head, and are getting confused by the misconceptions, try starting the cycle from a different element that is more self-evident.

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