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Kudou Kakeru
工藤 駆
kudou kakeru
Izumo 3 Kakeru portrait

(C) Studio e.go!

Kekeru is a delinquent. While he's often involved in fights, the ones he fights are always delinquents who picked on other people. His mother died of illness a long time ago, and his father who was a cop died in action. Even since then he lives along in the family mansion. He also has a younger sister, who is very frail and lives in the hospital.

Of his relatives, he has an aunt who is a wealthy land owner and helps him financially, but they don't otherwise have any rapport. On Saturdays he goes against school rules to take part-time jobs, so he can buy various things for his sister.

While he lives a pretty busy life, instead of whining he tries to enjoy life.

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