Tamas are bead-like objects found throughout the Izumo world, typically after defeating enemies. They grant people the ability to use various types of spells and ability enhancements, depending the type of tama equipped.

Types of tama

There are fifteen types of general tamas: five elemental types, five positive types, and five negative types.

Elemental Positive Negative
Fire Rough - related to physical attack/defense Confuse
Earth Mend - related to healing Omen - related to curses (unable to cast spell)
Metal Arcane - related to mindpower/mana Dark - related to blindness
Water Speed Dream - sleep
Wood Birth - related to resurrection Pain - poison

Using tama

In order to use a tama's power, the character must inscribe it in one of the slots of his/her weapon, armor, or accessory. Each of the equipments can have up to five slots for tamas. The slots may be big or small. Small slots only allow you to cast spells using the tama inscribed in there, whereas large slots also allows the tamas to grant you a passive ability. You may inscribe and uninscribe tamas from the status screen any time.

When a character uses a tama, the character gains experience with that specific type of tama. Tamas inscribed in the large slots also automatically accumulate experience from battles. With enough experience, a character may level up in a specific type of tama, enhancing his or her ability with it.

The exact spells and passive abilities granted by each of the tamas differ between games. But generally speaking:

Elemental Positive Negative
Weapon Elemental attack bonus Stat boost Randomly inflict condition on enemy
Armor Elemental defense bonus Stat boost Randomly prevent condition on self
Accessory Elemental spell defense Stat boost misc
Spell lv1 Grant elemental resistance misc Remove condition from ally
Spell lv2 Single-target spell attack misc Inflict condition on single enemy
Spell lv3 Area spell attack misc Inflict condition on multiple enemies

For details, see the game mechanics section of the respective games: I1 - I2 - I0 - I3.

Lesser and Greater tama

For each of the fifteen types of tamas, there are two levels: magatama (勾玉) and houtama (宝玉).

Magatama is the lesser tama, and is dropped by common enemies. It is shaped like half of the yin-yang symbol, or an up-side-down comma with a hole pierced on the fat end. When a user casts a spell using the power of a magatama, it gets shattered, and another magatama of the same type automatically replaces the shattered one. Certain abilities that come with equipping tamas will shatter the magatama if the ability is triggered.

Houtama is the greater tama, often also referred to as "mitama" ("soul"). Their shape is that of the full orbs. There is only one houtama for each of the fifteen types of tama, only found in certain treasure locations or boss drops. A houtama will never shatter, whether you use it to cast a spell, or trigger an equipped ability.

Additionally, souls of the various guardians in the game also turn into unique tamas not belonging to the fifteen types. They are also considered to be Houtamas and will never shatter. The spells and abilities they grant are usually quite powerful. Guardian tamas cannot be leveled up.

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