Jade as she appears in Beyond Good & Evil

Game Series Beyond Good & Evil series
First Appearance Beyond Good & Evil 2003
Alias: Shauni
Occupation: Action Reporter/Photographer/IRIS Network Spy
Nationality: Hillyan/DomZ
Species: Human/Alien
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 2415
Likes: Pablo Strawberries, adventure, and justice.
Hobbies: photography
Family: Pey'j(legal guardian uncle)
Home: the lighthouse
Power: healing the lifeless
Fighting Style: stealth action
Weapon(s): dai-jo staff
Skill(s): martial arts
Special Skill(s): her right Gyro Disc Glove
Creator(s): Michel Ancel
Voice Actor(s): Jodie Forest
Trademark: Wearing green color clothes.

Jade is a character in the Beyond Good & Evil series. A sassy/strong tomboy who throughout her whole life grew up on Hillys where war is the only subject of discussion. Jade has been an orphan throughout her whole childhood, with only her camera which is the only link to her origins. She was eventually brought in by her adoptive uncle, Pey'j, who took care of her like she were his own daughter. Jade eventually gains a love and job as a photographer and started her own business: "Jade Reporting" and gets money from various companies that are interested in her skills with a camera. Along with Pey'j she lives at the Lighthouse isle along with six other orphans and a dog name Woof. All the orphans look up to her as their big sister as Jade would try her best to protect them at all costs from the DomZ or any other threat.

She eventually becomes a member of the IRIS Network after having some doubts about the Alpha Section's claims of being heroes. And the only thing that will help bring this war to an end is by learning more about the secretive Alpha Sections.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Jade bg&e2teaser

In the sequel it's unknown as to what Jade's role is after she exposed Alpha Section in the previous installment. In fact her face hasn't been fully shown in either the teaser trailer or the unconfirmed police pursuit footage. Pey'j is still with her and she's still carrying around her dai-jo staff. Jade also appears to have gone for a new hair style as well. Information on what she'll be doing in this upcoming sequel may vary.

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