Jamie concept art.

Game Series Harvest Moon
First Appearance Harvest Moon:
Gender: Male or Female (depends on what gender character you are)
Birthplace: Flower Bud Village
Likes: Jams, Special Milk/Butter/Cheese, Juices, Tomato, Turnips, Yams
Dis-Likes: Medicines
Hobbies: Farming
Family: Possibly your character and a child.
Home: Jamie Ranch
Trademark: Her hat and purple hair.
Notes: Jamie is the only character in the Harvest Moon series that can be a guy or a girl character.

Take from the Strategy Guide: Your sworn rival from the moment you meet at the Harvest Godess' Spring, Jamie can either be male or female and is always your opposite. Jamie holds the Harvest Goddess dear, and will do anything to rescue her.

Part of the challenge of running your ranch is the rivalry you have with Jamie over the duration. The two of you are constantly locked in a battle to see who can be the best farmer each day in a variety of categories, and the game tracks who has the upper hand prominently on each menu sub-screen.

Of course, they say that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and such a fierce rivalry may lead to sparks flying in quite another way if you can get past Jamie's defenses and into his (or her) heart...

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