Another Rare developed Nintendo 64 exclusive, Jet Force Gemini was one of a handful that wasn't a 3D platformer. Instead, it was a Sci-Fi third-person shooter, featuring three characters to play as. These are Juno, a boy, Vela, Juno's sister, and Lupus, the dog. The game was developed by the team behind the popular Blast Corps. They are three of the last survivors of the Jet Force after the evil insect lord Mizar begun his reign of terror on the galaxy.

You can play a four player deathmatch game with split-screen, or two player co-op. As a bonus, it supports the rumble pak and can be played in wide screen.

The characters are more than just different skins. They have special abilities that make them ideal for traversing specific areas, meaning that you can backtrack to levels where you could only use certain characters to accomplish new goals. The special abilities are as follows: Juno cannot be hurt by fire. In fact, he walks on Lava. Vela is able to swim. The dog, Lupus, can hover. That means if you're stuck as Juno but you notice a river, you can come back when you're playing as Vela to see what used to be out of reach.

Otherwise, they'll be shooting a lot. They have over 15 guns, and a lot of bullets that come out of them. Mostly they'll be shooting Mizar's alien drone hoards and their mechanoid fliers. You'll be doing this for the sake of Tribals, bear creatures you must rescue from the Drones' clutches. Unfortunately, this results in a lot of backtracking and fetch quests that do not rub well with some gamers. The frame rate is also understandably unstable.