Jet Set Radio Future is broken up into several chapters of gameplay, each offering different areas to explore and new characters to meet.


The game starts out with Yoyo at the GG's Garage, Corn mistakes him for the pizza guy. Yoyo explains that he wants to join the GGs, so he'll have to talk to Gum. Once Yoyo talks to Gum, she gives him a tutorial on basic abilities such as skating, using graffiti, and jumping. Once he completed training, Gum introduces Roboy, the robotic member of the GGs. Finally, Corn mentions that DJ Professor K holds an underground radio pirate broadcast called "Jet Set Radio" and he should tune in.

DJ Professor K explains the situation in Tokyo, how Gouji Rokkaku is using his power in a negative way, oppressing the people from rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and to make sure no one steps out of line, he hired his own little "watchdog" group, the Rokkaku Police. Despite these events, the territorial gangs of Tokyo have set out to bury the city in graffiti and introduces the core members of the GGs. After the cutscene is over, the player resumes control of Yoyo.

Chapter 1

Music Mix:

  • Funky Dealer
  • I Love Love You
  • Let Mom Sleep

  • Fly Like a Butterfly
  • What About the Future?
  • Rock It On

Once the player makes their way out of the Garage, the first chapter officially begins in Dogenzaka Hill. Professor K mentions someone "done stole the goddess of the streets" and tells the GGs to flush out the "rumor spreading scumbags" and give the area a new coat of paint. Once all graffiti marks have been complete, a new character, Beat, jumps on the scene, and the player must race him one lap around the zone. Once Beat is defeated, he joins the GG's crew, and warns that police are coming and that they know how to defend themselves....or do they? Professor K gives a brief tutorial on defeating the police while in combat. The player must run into them and tag them with paint. Once all police have been defeated, they retreat.

The player heads to Shibyua Terminal, which is described as a "total non-stop dance party" only to be greeted by a member of "Poison Jam". Once the player sprays all the graffiti tags, three members of Poison Jam arrive and tease the player into following them. After a few successful chases, they eventually become annoyed and high-tail it out of there, and Combo, the guy with a large boombox appears on the scene. He challenges the player to a "follow-the-leader" game. Combo eventually joins the GGs once they successfully copy his moves, and he warns the player that the Rokkaku Police are on their way, this time, the crazed leader introducing himself on no uncertain terms. Hayashi and his squad go after the player. Same thing as before, tag the guys in white and then focus on Hayashi. He is a lot more vicious than his regular goons: he has more HP and carries a gun.

Once Hayashi is defeated, the police run away with their tails betwixt their legs, the first chapter has been successfully completed!

Chapter 2

Music Mix:

  • Statement of Intent
  • Me Likey the Poom Poom
  • Aisle 10
  • Rockin' Da Mic

  • Oldies but Happies
  • Birthday Cake
  • Like it Like This Like That
  • Sweet Soul Brother

Chapter 2 starts out with the GG's pursuing the mysterious Poison Jam, trying to find out who they are, and where their hideout is. They head to Chuo Street where they are pursued by the Rokkaku Police, this time in tanks. Once they defeat the tanks and spray over Poison Jam's graffiti, they challenge the player to a race. When the player wins, they move on to the next area.

The GG's explore Rokkaku Dai Heights and discover that their base is connected to the area. Hayashi and his crew attempt to fight the GGs, but ultimately lose and run off again. After tagging over all Poison Jam's graffiti, there is only one place left to go: 99th Street.

99th Street is the heart of Tokyo, home to the female group: Rapid 99. Same thing as before: spray over all graffiti and fight Hayashi's men. Rapid 99 refuses to tell the GG's anything unless they prove their worth by collecting "Graffiti Souls" and beating them in a Capture the Flag contest. Once the GG's win, they find out Poison Jam's hideout is in the Underground Sewage Facility, connected to Rokkaku Dai Heights.

Chapter 3

Once the GG's make their way into the sewers, they fall into a hole, unable to escape, and wander aimlessly until they meet a guy by the name of "Graham" who, in return for proving their skating skills and being the "100th sucker", helps them up and joins the crew. After more exploration, the GGs manage to spray to switches to activate the gate leading into Poison Jam's lair, led by the mysterious "Cube". Once the GGs manage to "tag" all three members of Poison Jam out, Cube becomes frustrated and dashed off with the final words "never trust a man to do a woman's job".

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