James "Jimmy" Hopkins

Artwork of Jimmy.

Game Series Bully
First Appearance Bully
Occupation: Student
Nationality: American
Species: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Likes: Fighting, Soda Pop, Skateboarding, Biking
Dis-Likes: Bullies, Jocks, Greasers, Preps, Nerds (atleast until he takes control of each respective faction).
Family: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Step-Father

Fighting Style: Boxing
Weapon(s): Slingshot, Stink Bombs, Firecrackers, Spud Gun, Bottle Rocket Launcher, various items found on the ground.
Voice Actor(s): Gerry Rosenthal
Trademark: Neat buzz cut
It's America! We go in there with threats and bribes until we get what we want. If all else fails, we beat the crap out of everyone.
~ Jimmy during the Complete Mayhem mission.

Jimmy Hopkins is the main character in the game Bully. He is 15-years old and was sent to Bullsworth Academy for being kicked out of all of his previous schools for bad behavoir including fighting, vandalism, and harassment. His mom has just remarried (again) a wealthy older man and plan on a year-long cruise, so they dump Jimmy off and he is forced to stay at Bullsworth until they return.

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