Jojo's Fashion Show is a 2008 Action Puzzle video game by Gamelab.



Runway Mode

The player progresses through this mode in levels. There are 10 levels at each location, New York, London, Sydney, Milan, Tokyo and Paris, for a total of sixty levels.

The player is presented with three models and a rack of clothing (tops, bottoms and shoes) to dress them and send them to the runway to be judged based on the style within in time limit. If a model is not sent out in time one will be randomly selected and sent out whether she is clothed or not. No points are awarded for models that are partially naked.

In some levels one piece suits or dresses are available. The player can also add accessories for bonus points.

Match clothes to styles by finding clothes that have appropriate characteristics, from color to cut to specific details. A description of the styles the player will need to dress the models is given before each level as well as above the model in the dressing room. There are 41 styles.

Styles: Modest, Racy, Winter, Summer, Western, Rock & Roll, Hippie, Fall, Bridal, 70s Glamour, Futuristic, Mod, Business, Casual Friday, Surf, Swimwear, Chinese, Preppie, Valley Girl, Hip Hop, Eveningwear, Dr. Zhivago, Disco, New Wave, Punk, Bridal Punk, Flamenco Punk, Goth, Cowgirl Glam, Valley Punk, Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Grey, Yellow, Patterns, Solids, Plaid, Floral.


Show Stars
Earn at least three stars to beat the level. A show can have up to five stars.
Signature Outfits
Match outfits on the posters to score bonus points (+1000) and unlock items in Dress Up mode.
Add accessories for bonus points. Accessories only appear after the first model is sent out on the runway.
Fashion Dos
Combinations of clothing can result in a "Fashion Do" for extra points.


Model Chain
Dress several of your models and send them out without adding new clothes or accessories to make a model chain.
Style Chain
Build Style Chains by sending out consecutive models with the same style.


Unlock power-ups above models by earning at least three stars on their outfit. Players can only have five power-ups at a time.

Shuffle the rack and get new clothes.
Get Matching Outfit
Automatically dress your model in an outfit in the model's style with the clothes available.
Style Eye
Style Eye shows how many points a clothing item will score per style.
Swap Style
Pick the style you want. (Will lose power-up option.)
Dazzle Audience
Calm your audience and buy time.
Double your outfit score.

Dress Up Mode

In Dress Up mode, players can create outfits on models and save them. Clothing in Dress Up mode is unlocked by sending models out on the runway in signature outfits in Runway mode.

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