Jory Prum is a recording engineer based in Northern California. He works primarily in video game sound, but also specializes in surround music mixing. He is owner of, a game audio production facility located in Northern California. With audio production experience beginning in 1993, Jory has focused primarily on video game sound since 1999, when he joined the LucasArts sound team. During his tenure, he was involved with all of the Star Wars: Episode I release titles, as well as most of the games published by both LucasArts and Lucas Learning through beginning of 2001.

Over the past decade, Jory has worked as a gun for hire, creating sound effects, recording and manipulating voice & music, and mixing cutscenes for more than 60 titles, such as LucasArts' Knights of the Old Republic, Telltale Games' Sam & Max episodic games, Ubisoft's CSI games, and Pandemic Studios' Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Jory has also worked in post production audio for feature film, as well as commercials. He has notable experience with foley, sound design, and mixing. Some notable projects include Pixar Animation Studio's Academy Award-winning For the Birds, Focus Features' Academy Award- and Golden Globe-winning Lost in Translation, and Sony Pictures' Academy Award- and Golden Globe- winning Adaptation.

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