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Jurassic Park is the name of a rail shooter arcade game developed by Sega in 1994. Gameplay has much in common with the classic rail shooter Operation Wolf, as players fend off their vehicle from dinosaur attacks with automatic weaponry, though a joystick is used to play, rather than a light gun. A follow up called The Lost World: Jurassic Park reached arcades in 1997. The game circles around two Ingen Commandos who go to Isla Nublar to clean up the Island after the incident in 1993. They must avoid the dinosaurs and also many natural things such as boulders. Also there are many fences and barricades that are left over. The game ends with the commandos watching the dinosaurs being caged once again. The game is also notable for having a moving seat, putting Jurassic Park into the unique category of "ride games".

List of Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Marine Reptiles

Levels & Dinosaur Appearances

Area 1

In this stage, the player(s) have to shoot the T. Rex, get into a cave where they have to shoot rock piles and Velociraptors. When they reach the end of the cave, they enter a field where they must shoot the Gallimimus and the Triceratops.

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

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