The K Desktop Environment from is one of the desktop environments for the X Window System on Unix computers. We normally refer to it as KDE. We mention it because its kdegames package includes several simple desktop amusements, and also because programmers can use KDE to develop more games.


KAsteroids, KBounce, KFoulEggs, KGoldrunner, KSirtet, KSmileTris, KSnakeRace, KSpaceDuel, KTron, Kolf
Board Games 
Atlantik, KBackgammon, KBlackBox, KMahjongg, KReversi, KWin4, Kenoloba, Kenolaba, Shishen-Sho
Card Games 
KPoker, Lieutenant Skat, Patience
Potato Guy
Tactics & Strategy 
KAtomic, KBattleship, KJumpingCube, KMines, KSokoban, Klickity, Kolor Lines, Konquest, SameGame, knetwalk

A screenshot of the lower-left of a KDE desktop shows a menu of KDE games opened to the Arcade section. (Freeciv is not part of KDE.)

Home pages

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