Kabus 22 is a 3D horror–action game set in Kadiköy district in Istanbul. The player has three characters to control; the Turkish soldier Demir, his girlfriend Ebru and the mysterious Inzar. These characters have to fight against a despot religious order and creatures which are named Maduns in an alternate near future.


  • Bauda
  • Artal(boss)
  • Arzen
  • Barf
  • Cino(immortal)
  • İznar
  • Teferun(only 4)
  • Lakan
  • Veyl
  • Madun(half creature,half human)


K22: Demolition Day is a free FPS/Arcade minigame. It is a promotion for horror–action PC CD-ROM game Kabus 22. The minigame was released on October 21, 2007. The player's can either create an account and try to beat other player’s record, or the player's can play offline themselves.

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