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First Lieutenant Kahlee Sanders joined Grissom Academy's board of directors after she gave up her military career. When the Cerberus raid on the Academy was thwarted by Commander Shepard, Sanders joined with Alliance engineers working to recreate the Prothean device found on Mars. Her past work as a systems technician, specifically studying synthetic artificial intelligence, has helped decode some of the complex feedback systems that control the weapon's energy output.


Some of Grissom Academy's more technically minded students were saved from Cerberus by Commander Shepard. They've met up with Sanders, contributing their brainpower to some of the problems she's been tackling

If the player completed the Project: Overlord mission in Mass Effect 2, and elected to send David Archer to Grissom academy.


David Archer is another refugee from Grissom Academy working on the device. Despite his youth, Archer' theories on interstellar cross-modulation have won him respect with the project's scientists.

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