Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal (Kakutou Choujin: Fighting Super Heroes [1] as known is Japan) is a fighting game exclusively made for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console published in 2002 by Microsoft Game Studios. The game was the sole product of developer Dream Publishing, a studio created from members of Dream Factory and Microsoft.


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Kakuto Chojin, though lauded for its graphics, received unfavorable reviews from both critics and gamers, citing its shallow story mode and its lack of bonus material. Game Informer magazine described it as a Tekken ripoff, although a portion of the Kakuto Chojin development team were indeed ex-Tekken developers.

It was pulled off the shelves in early 2003 for offensive religious content, namely that it had verses from the Quran being chanted as part of the background sound effects the song "Love/Hate Chant", which serves as theme song for the character Asad (a Muslim himself), is an example of this controversy. To date there has not been any evidence that Kakuto Chojin was re-released. The initial intent may have been to reissue the game without the chant but it did not sell well before being pulled and Microsoft presumably decided based on that fact to withdraw it permanently as a reissue would not have been profitable. In fact, Kakuto Chojin is not found on any official game list published by Microsoft further suggesting that there was no reissue and Microsoft has decided to erase the game from its records.


  • Asad - A well respected Muai Thai Fighter and deeply religious man, Asad joined the Tournament to gain revenge on Daeva for setting his village ablaze. Unknown to Asad, his village's destruction was used to goad him into entering the tournament for the purpose of being studied by Daeva and her organization.
  • Vittoria -
  • Sabre -
  • J.D. Stone - Even though he appears to be a "nice guy," Stone has a definite mean streak and ruthlessness when it comes to pit fighting. Leaving the Military after an ambush killed his best buddies, he enters the Fist of Fire tournament after hearing rumors Daeva was behind the attack.
  • Rena - Daughter of a wealthy Japanese family, Rena was raised in São Paulo. As a child she studied the Brazilian art of Capoeira and grew to master the martial art form. A child of wealth, she had the luxury of traveling with her father across the world as a young girl. Always wishing for independence, Rena has been forced to follow her father's will her entire life. Having to move back to Japan with her father, she began to grow restless. Hearing about a secret tournament where the winner can have anything they want, Rena came up with a plan: win the tournament and gain independence from her father. "Borrowing" some cash from her dad, Rena snuck off to Drasuka Bay to fight in the tournament, and with luck, gain the freedom she so desperately seeks.
  • Kahn - Serving as Davea's right hand man, Kahn is a sadistic and, quite cleary, insane man who almost seems to enjoy his occupation and his ability to inflict pain on anyone he is ordered to deal with.
  • Crusher Ramirez - A professional wrestler who has fought in virtually all parts of the world. However, given the fact that suspended from every major wrestling federation because of his viciousness, he has earned a reputation that no wrestling promoter would willing touch. But now he's found a new home of wrestling in Drasuka where he can release his boundless anger and willingness to do anything to get the win.
  • Shadow - Genetically enhanced, a cyborg, or something far darker? Shadow's origins are clouded in mystery. Displaying incredible Ninjitsu skills and incredible strength, whatever Shadow is, it's clearly not fully human. With a mask concealing his features, Shadow is a faceless, heartless, merciless force in combat. He is a killer, having slain more fighters than anyone in Drasuka. Whatever the truth is behind Shadow, it's been made abundantly clear he's not one to trifle with.
  • Roxy - Roxy's father, a political militant, urged her at an early age to study a variety of martial art forms with the best masters all over the world. Khan, her kung fu sensei in Hong Kong, betrayed he trust and tortured her. She escaped, becoming an assassin and mercenary. Currently employed by a Japanese businessman who is actually a crime lord from Maladinia, she still hungers for revenge against Khan. Roxy recently volunteered to search for her boss' daughter in Drasuka, discovering Khan was also there. Entering the tournament, she seeks vengeance against her former master.
  • Reiji - Adopted by a Jeet Kune Do Master, Reiji fights in the style of the famous Bruce Lee. Growing up learning martial arts from his adoptive father, he never understood why this man had left the city for the countryside. Following his twenty-sixth birthday, Reiji returned home to discover his father being assaulted by a mysterious group of men. His father was brutally murdered before him, Reiji was hung up and cut sacrificial animal. Surviving, though barely, his purpose became vengeance against his attackers. With the police offering no help, Reiji set off on his own. After a year of traveling, Reiji found the picture of the man who had tortured him and murdered his father in a newspaper article describing an underground fighting tournament in Drasuka.
  • Vegard - Born into an upper class Norwegian family, Vegard enjoyed a privileged childhood. His father practiced ancient rituals in the belief that it would help him become even more successful. During his studies, a fortune-teller predicted his son would one day face a great evil that would arise from within. Fearful of his safety, Vegard's parents put him through rigorous academic and physical training. He excelled in Tae Kwan Do, though no other students dared face him for fear of injury due to his brutality. Unfortunately, the pressure of his parents' expectancy and the dark destiny foretold caused him to withdraw from the world around him, leaving nothing but his dark thoughts. Vegard became fascinated with a mask kept in his father's art collection—an iron mask depicting the face of a violent, confused soul. Stealing the mask, he wandered the world, wearing it to the point of only being at "peace" with it on. Eventually he found himself in Drasuka, eagerly accepting an invite to an underground tournament.
  • Yin Kai Li -
  • Daeva -



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