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Kat Games

  • Original Game Design: Miguel Angel Tartaj
  • Producer: Miguel Angel Tartaj
  • Programming: David González, Miguel Ángel Liñán
  • Art Direction: Pablo Vietto
  • Environment Artists: Pablo Vietto, Dmitriy Anisimov, Yuriy Titarev, Kirill Vitkovskiy, Eduard Yurevich
  • Texture Artists: Pablo Vietto, Elena Shvedova, Margarita Machugovskaya, Aleksandra Parhomenko, Igor Sidorenko
  • Music by Juan Botero
  • Sound by Aya Tanaka


  • Dmitry Misko
  • Vitalic Zhukovich
  • Vlad Alexahin
  • Antony Argunov
  • Sergey Sotnikov
  • Gennady Filazopovich
  • Alexander Khatskevich
  • Vassily Vitchenko
  • Nikolay Laskevich
  • Alexander Kriger
  • Valentin Grishenko
  • Sergey Bakavets
  • Maxim Nikiforovich
  • Alexandra Vitchenko
  • Alexander Sukhachev
  • Igor Khabibov
  • Alexey Novik

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