Original Game Concept/Design

Greg Zesinger

Vice President, Development

Lars Batista

Senior Production Manager

David Mercer


Kevin Bonner

Lead Designer

Kim Branson

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Richard Siporin

Sales & Marketing Manager

Cindy Yeagle

Product Manager

Greg Zesinger

Testing and Customer Service Specialist

Nicholas Sciarra

Web Producer

Ryan McKeown

Art Designer

Igor Sidorenko

Art Direction

Kane Minkus

Music and Sound Design

Sara Kellenberger

Special Thanks to
  • Susan Boudreau (Associate Counsel)
  • Kristin Simko (Contract Coordinator)
  • Jerry Klein
  • Thomas W. Murphy
  • Art Rountree
  • Ilana Zdorovyak
  • Gene Mauro
  • Tom Parente
  • Ellen Pulver Flatt


Game Design & Project Manager

Miguel Angel Tartaj

Art Director:

Pablo Vietto

Lead Programmer

David González


Miguel Ángel Liñán

Additional Contributions:
  • Juan Aínsa
  • Matthew Lee

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