Game Series Halo series
First Appearance Halo: Combat Evolved
Alias: Jackals
Affiliation: Covenant, Covenant Loyalists
Rank: * Ranger Jackal
* Sniper Jackal
* Jackal Major
* Jackal Minor
Height: 1.9 meters
Weapon(s): plasma pistol, Jackal Point Defense Gauntlet
Notes: Population: 978 million
Homeworld: Eayn

Jackals, or Kig-yar, are not very powerful physically than most of the Covenant in the Halo series. Therefore, they are mainly used as sharpshooters/snipers due to their excellent dexterity and vision. Through the Halo series, you encounter the Jackals both as sharpshooters and also asspecial task forces. These task forces are usually made up of 3 or more Jackals with energy shield as well as a plasma pistol. __FLAGS__

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