Kinect Adventures is an upcoming video game for the Xbox 360, which will be a launch title for Microsoft’s Kinect motion camera.[1] It will be the first game released by Microsoft’s new 1st party developer, Good Science Studio.[2] On 20 July 2010, it was announced that Kinect Adventures will be bundled with Kinect.

It has been said Kinect Adventures will contain 20[3] games to be played, Microsoft has not announced all the games but their demonstrations and advertisements have provided us with three different games so far. All of the demonstrated games in Kinect Adventures are both multiplayer and singleplayer. Multiplayer in Rally Ball consists of two players trying to hit dodge balls and achieve more points than one another. River Rush is based on teamwork by working together to get to the bottom of the course. Reflex Ridge is competitive, however it is not certain whether players are supposed to win by collecting more points or by reaching the finish point faster.

Game Name Game Description
Rally Ball Rally Ball gives players a chance to swat at balls and blast targets that are at the end of a hallway. Do well and you can get multiple balls going. It can get pretty hectic, trying to kick and punch multiple targets.[4]
River Rush In River Rush, two players stand in a raft and work together to pick up the A icons scattered throughout the winding rapids. To succeed, players have to communicate early and often—branching paths require some forethought, and moving targets require particularly skilled coordination.[5]
Reflex Ridge (E3 Name) Another game used a splitscreen and let two players race on a platform. Players have to jump over hurdles, lean away from obstacles, and duck to avoid bonking your Avatar's noggin on low beams. Jumping in place makes the platform move faster along its rail, though it's harder to collect those A icons when you're moving quickly.[6]

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