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Kinect Joy Ride is an upcoming Xbox Live Avatars based Racing game for Xbox 360 which will utilize Xbox 360's Kinect controller.The game will be developed by BigPark and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Formerly known simply as Joyride, the game was initially announced at E3 2009 with the intention of it being released as a free Xbox Live Arcade title later that year.[2] However it was eventually moved to 2010 [3] and rumors soon began circulating that it had been changed to a launch game for Kinect (then known as Project Natal) and would no longer be free of charge.[4]

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The game will feature mass-cooperation; each user will drive and participate in huge community tasks. Everyone in the world will drive, play, and show off together to unlock the next round of content. Players will customize their experience by modifying their car, and acquire new animations and clothes for their avatar. The game features a dynamic world: The Joy Ride world constantly evolves and expands with content, including new stunt parks, tracks, cars, car upgrades, avatar clothing, avatar animations, and events.


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